1/19, 11:15pm: Buddy Bravo: I’m still gonna see if I can manage to reschedule my plans tomorrow

1/19, 11:16pm: Brian Mack: Just let me know I’m really not that important

1/19, 11:16pm: Buddy Bravo: Ha ha ha to me you are

1/19, 11:17pm: Brian Mack: Oh ya your high lol

1/19, 11:19pm: Buddy Bravo: !!!

I mean it!

U don’t believe me?

1/19, 11:27pm: Buddy Bravo:   

1/19, 11:41pm: Brian Mack: I finished work now I’m leaving I believe you a little lol

1/19, 11:43pm: Buddy Bravo: You should! You are special!

1/19, 11:45pm: Brian Mack: Hmm idk

I think your really sweet stay the same please!

1/19, 11:47pm: Buddy Bravo: You too!

1/19, 11:48pm: Brian Mack: I’m sure guys are on ur nuts let’s b real lol

1/19, 11:48pm: Buddy Bravo: I I’m so excited to see you.

1/19, 11:48pm: Brian Mack: When though

1/19, 11:48pm: Buddy Bravo: Ha ha ha you are too funny. No body’s on deep nuts.


Ha ha ha why do you think that?

1/19, 11:49pm: Brian Mack: Lol I know gays

1/19, 11:50pm: Buddy Bravo: Even if they were, I’m not interested

1/19, 11:51pm: Brian Mack: Not saying your the typical cookie cut but I barely know you

1/19, 11:51pm: Buddy Bravo: Even if they were, I’m not interested

1/19, 11:51pm: Brian Mack: Word

1/19, 11:51pm: Buddy Bravo: I’m not the hook up type

1/19, 11:53pm: Brian Mack: I’m not one to judge. Just know I like you !!

1/19, 11:55pm: Buddy Bravo: Ha! I told you I’m not looking for a relationship...  And sometimes think that means I’m hooking up. I like you too.

*sometimes people think

I’m still pretty conservative

1/19, 11:58pm: Brian Mack: Do you

1/19, 11:58pm: Buddy Bravo: Do I what?

1/19, 11:59pm: Brian Mack: Meaning do what you do no pressure from me..

1/19, 11:59pm: Buddy Bravo: Oh got it! You do you, boo boo.

Ha ha ha


12:00am: Brian Mack: Is this a joke... 😑

12:01am: Buddy Bravo: Ha ha ha no!!! I’m just high. And love that Kat Williams phrase.

And loved it on snl when drake imitated Kat Williams saying “you do you boo boo”.

12:06am: Brian Mack: I don’t think I ever stated I wanted to be with you 😎

Although your appealing

Whatever goodnight

12:09am: Buddy Bravo: Sorry, I’m still driving.

I’m delayed. Sorry. Are you going to bed?

12:26am: Buddy Bravo: Goodnight, Brian

12:51am: Brian Mack: K

You don’t make any sense I’ll fall back

I’m sure somebody else has ur attention oh well I’m glad I don’t expect much

You have yourself a great rest of your night day week, I have no desire to play games or debate about whatever you do. I know my worth . do you ?

Your grown so do what you’ve been I’m no one to stop you on that note take care

1:03am: Brian Mack: Two dimensional shit I can’t stand. Such a waste of time and energy

Feel free to unfriend me whenever time permits

I alwaysend up liking someone who isnt what I thought. Smfh

I should’ve never fucked you.. Fuck feelings

I legit like you man. Fuck was I thinking


Ay yo just leave me alone. I’ll get over you

1:19am: Brian Mack: Oh and your jacket is still with me I’ll wash it and return it to the manager at tease studio. Thanks

Lemme guess your delayed and high lmsexyao..

I’ll stop giving you my two sense and go on about my life.

Don’t even talk to me

...now I’m done

1:34am: Brian Mack: Fuck you

Suck a whole dick and lick ass. I’m so mad

Fuck everything I ever said or did.

Since you have time to suck dick and get fucked by whoever you do while your at it at least read your messages

Stop being fake

Fuck manI fucking hate fags

1:39am: Buddy Bravo: Dang man...  I’m sorry. I fell asleep. I wasn’t ignoring you. I’m super tired.

1:39am: Brian Mack: Yo whatever

I can sniff bullshit

1:40am: Buddy Bravo: Look, I’m going to bed. I’m not sure what’s going on.


1:41am: Brian Mack: Fuck off kid

1:41am: Buddy Bravo: You got it, Brian.

1:41am: Brian Mack: So fake such a waste of my time

1:42am: Buddy Bravo: Consider me gone. I won’t bother you any more.

1:44am: Brian Mack: Your so fucking fake I seriously don’t get it.

You lie and think I won’t catch on bruh cmon

1:46am: Buddy Bravo: Look, I’m not sure who you think I am or what you think I’ve done to you...  But you are being kind of rude so I’m going to let you go. I’m just curious what’s going on.

What the hell did I lie about???

I don’t lie.

1:46am: Brian Mack: I’m so upset

1:47am: Buddy Bravo: Look, I’m so confused right. I really thought you were cool. I didn’t expect this from you.

1:49am: Brian Mack: Your chat was active the whole time, yet you would read what I sent yet not reply I’m pretty sure this is real time messages, you told me its too late to go anywhere before I left work yet your out driving after you told me you wanted to see me..

Seems pretty dishonest to me then you tell me I’m single I’m going to hook up cuz your single and if thats the case don’t come at me like you want me.

Whatever dog you wanna act brand new and I don’t have time for it

I tried and I failed so I sincerely apologize to you for giving you a piece of the real me

1:55am: Buddy Bravo: I had dinner plans with my best friend, Natalie, why have not seen since November. Here’s a picture to prove it... not that I have to prove anything...

1:55am: Brian Mack: Dude aside from that

1:56am: Buddy Bravo:     

1:56am: Buddy Bravo: We ran into my really good friend Annie. Natalie had to leave and then Annie and I hung out.

1:56am: Buddy Bravo:     

1:56am: Buddy Bravo: Annie was having a hard night so I invited her to go to my car and listen to music.

1:56am: Buddy Bravo:     

1:57am: Buddy Bravo: That was us in my car. Not really sure what I lie to you about but that was literally my entire

1:57am: Brian Mack: Your right you don’t have to prove anything to me. for the record I’m a great person you probably will never fully understand that side of me

1:57am: Buddy Bravo: You know what, I’m really glad this is happening now. I live my life very transparently and very open late because I’m not doing anything wrong. I treat everyone with respect and I am always honest.

I’d rather be accused of being a liar now well its early

And just for the record, I do think you are great person. Which is why I’m so confused.

It’s very possible that I told you I want to see you but its too late to hang out even though I already had plans with someone.

You are right, I don’t have to explain myself. And I’m done. Goodnight.

2:00am: Brian Mack: Your done with me ... Hmm ok

Lmao so you change your clothes dude those pics are on two different days you think I’m stupid or some shit

Your not even being real

2:05am: Buddy Bravo: Wtf

2:06am: Brian Mack: That’s really frustrating for me to be highly impressed to regretting everything

Wow B.. Just wow

2:07am: Buddy Bravo: This is literally my camera album in order from newest to oldest...

2:08am: Brian Mack: I don’t want that shit

2:08am: Buddy Bravo:     

2:08am: Buddy Bravo: I put a jacket on. I didn’t change my clothes.

What do you think I was doing tonight that is have to lie to you?

I really don’t appreciate being called a liar.

I’m pretty easy going in general...  And not sensitive...  But I’m genuinely offended.

2:10am: Brian Mack: Idk man I’m just angry

Its not just you

2:11am: Buddy Bravo: About what?

Don’t accuse me.

2:11am: Brian Mack: Everything ...

2:11am: Buddy Bravo: I don’t have time for that shit.

2:11am: Brian Mack: Im not begging you

2:12am: Buddy Bravo: It’s not okay to talk shit to people like that, man.

2:12am: Brian Mack: If you choose not to fwm that’s solely on you

2:12am: Buddy Bravo: I’ve been nothing but kind and generous to you.

2:13am: Brian Mack: I’m a shitty person I know go ahead say what you feel

2:15am: Buddy Bravo: For calling me out? Over something I didn’t do?  I don’tthink you are a shitty person ... But I do think what you did was shitty. And kind of hurt my feelings.

2:17am: Brian Mack: Leaving you alone is probably the best thing for me to do at this point

2:18am: Buddy Bravo: Can you explain?

2:18am: Brian Mack: Idk

Maybe you should look back how this all started

2:20am: Buddy Bravo: I just did that. You got mad cause I feel asleep...  Than you called me fakeandtime me to sniff shit.

I’m so upset right now.

I’m also very confused.

*fell asleep

2:21am: Brian Mack: I don’t know right now

2:22am: Buddy Bravo: I’m going to bed. I’m not very happy right now and in afraid I’m in no mood to be kind any more.

2:24am: Brian Mack: Its not like I’d see you anyway. I shouldn’t have taken it so far

Sad and really confused myself.

I have trust issues . obviously


2:33am: Buddy Bravo: I thought I made it pretty clear I was going to try to see you tomorrow. I was trying to show and prove to you I wanted to see youby rearranging my plans.

I need to go to bed.

2:33am: Brian Mack: Whatever I’m not trying to settle shit if its not needed by all means feel free to block me or delete I get it

I’m rude AF, I don’t get like this often but when I do its only because I liked someone more than I should have

2:35am: Buddy Bravo: I just don’t know what you think I was doing tonight and lifting to you about...

I’m not sure what they’re is tu settle. Beside you think I’m a piece of shit (for words), I’m a waste of time (for words) and a liar (again your words )

I will tell your ass right now...  I am now of those things.

2:37am: Brian Mack: In reality no I do not think those awful things about you. Believe it or not

2:37am: Buddy Bravo: *none of those

I don’t lie, Brian.

To anyone.

It’s not part of my character.

I cut that shit when I was 18.

I’m 29 now. I’m an adult.

I don’t have time to be called a liar.

I’m glad we had this talk. I have to go to bed. I’m sorry I managed to let you down...

9:08 am: 

Look, I didn't sleep for shit last night, I'm not even sure if I slept at all. But I re-read our conversation and between all of my typos from being tired and kind of high, I don't think it went as well as I had hoped. I don't think I was very clear in what I was trying to say to you. I will tell you right now I am not happy with how you spoke to me and I'm really upset about that for a few reasons. I actually really like(d) you and I don't feel like I've given you any reason to not trust me. I'm so tempted to say eff you and walk away and never talk to you again... but I really do think you are special. I want to give you a chance to explain why you thought it was okay to call me out and 'fuckin who ever I wanted' or for me 'probably having someone else's attention' last night because I can assure you, that was the farthest thing from the truth. I was spending time with my best friends, who totally deserve my time. If you and I ever decided to actually date, you'd learn how much I value my friends and relationships. My partner would (eventually) get the most of my attention though. I'd put them first always. So, if you feel inclined to explain why you attacked me last night, please do so. You can do it in person or we can do it online, but I will tell you, I don't normally do this. If anyone else attacked me and accused me the way you did last night, I'd flip 'em the bird and walk away with no regrets.

The only reason I sent this message was because I was 2 seconds away from unfriending you - - but I couldn't do it yet.