BROWN COW STUNNING: Animal Themed Queer Dance Party

Pull out your best animal prints, shake ya feathers, and get your growl on! 

BRAVO Zine is back with another dance party event, the queer dance party of your dreams. 


Buddy Bravo + Jacques Gonsoulin
Patty Plutonium (Chris Gibson) + Marshall Luther

Mercury Cafe Denver
Sat Jan 12 - Doors at 9:30
Performances at 11

Cash Only Venue - ATM on site


Live Painting: Millers + Rossi


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First Friday is the best time to catch new names in art, iconic Denver artists, and so much more. Located in the RiNo, River North Art District district of Denver, Millers and Rossi is a constant support to local creatives and March First Friday Art Walk was no exception. 

I began painting at 6pm sharp and planned on giving my canvas a good 3-4 hours of attention plus small breaks for food and drinks. Well, my friends, like many a good but sometimes challenging relationships, my canvas and I took a little bit longer than expected to come to a happy place. 

The night was punctuated by a live pop-up Burlesque Performance by New York City transplant, Ashley Monroe, a successful artist in her own right, winning performance and artistic credibility across the US. What an honor to share the evening with such a beautiful human.

I was situated directly in the center of three large scale and completely stunning images by Denver Photographer, Dustin Miller. I felt so chic and expensive working under the comfort of such beautiful work. See more of his work here.



I stayed until past 2 am when they finally kicked me out and all the drinks had been drank, and all the Denver-ites had gone home. But WE made it, my and my princess sleeve mawma. It was finally time for me to view my final piece... I had prepared the work to be be viewed using a set of 3d glasses but told myself I would not test them out until I was completed. It was time. I put the glasses on, did a little dance because it worked (!!!) and I was officially done!

1 of 50 limited prints, signed and numbered, created to commemorate the event. 

1 of 50 limited prints, signed and numbered, created to commemorate the event. 

During the event, I offered a limited edition print. If you were unable to make the event, I saved a small handful (10) for sell in my online shop. Click here now to visit the shop. 

My first live painting session was a personal success and in a magical and mysterious way, the universe has brought me even more live painting opportunities and I can't wait to explore this new creative challenge. 

Thank you everyone who came out to see me, share a splash, and participate in First Fridays. Special thanks to the staff and crew and Millers + Rossi for treating me like a million bucks. 

Final Piece