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Hollywood Poster Art: Black Swan

Anticipating the release of BLACK SWAN starring Natalie Portman, I did a little research tonight. I came across these promotional posters. I was very surprised to see a series of posters done a semi Russian Constructivism meets Dark Art Deco (yes, I made up that term). The artist is credited to London Based independent studio, La Boca.

With minimal detail and simplistic elements, the artist expertly captures the emotion of the film and the heart-breaking emotional toil of the story. This style, when originally popular around the years 1910 - 1940, was used heavily as propaganda. Establishing a unified style, consistent elements, and in many cases even the same color palette (often Red, Black and White) helped represent Russia with power and domination. 

While photo-montage was often used, many times illustration was relied on instead. Figures because geometric representations, shadows became shapes, and as a result, bold poster

Georgy and Vladimir Augustovich Stenberg, Film Poster

Gustav Klutsis, “Everyone must vote in the election of Soviets” Poster , 1913