Following Your Muse


The term muse comes from Greek mythology and is a name used for the daughters of Zeus. These ladies, nine in total, each reside over different artistic areas, including dance, poetry, etc. Think of them as the delivery of inspiration. 

Some people claim to not a have a muse but most artists and creatives are very in touch with theirs... mine comes and goes but when she comes, she doesn't mess around! 

"When your muse shows up, you better be ready to work", I tell myself. When you have an idea, grab a pencil, grab a pen, grab whatever you need and get to work because soon enough the idea will pass, the inspiration will be gone and the time will have passed. 

Well, she came again and she came with many opportunities! In the past two weeks, I've started a plethora of new projects: 1 video series, 1 new poster series, 1 animation, 1 branding project, a new motion graphic project. 

Being a creative individual comes with a lot of responsibility. To be a successful creative, you must also produce. You must put the idea to action and create. The muse comes and you as a responsible artists, you must listen. My challenge is to not only follow up with ideas and get the project in motion.... but to complete the projects, to FINISH.

I don't want to disappoint my muse.
I won't let you down.

Needless to say, new projects coming soon.