Solo Exhibition: Let Em Have It Salon / Gallery

Thank you everyone who came out to sip a drink, enjoy snacks and see the new artwork I released. Here are some pics from the event. Thank you to the sponsors:

Whisk and Bean | Envie Media | Let Em Have It Salon

After Hours Music Making

GLIMPSE: Group Show

I'm so excited to announce that I will be participating in "GLIPSE" a group show happening next month at Denver City Hall. I'll be joining other amazing visual artists, performance artists, fashion designers and more. This is going to be a night full of creativity and fun.

WHEN // July 23rd, 2015 - 8:00PM to 12:00AM

WHERE // Denver City Hall, 1144 Broadway, Denver

DETAILS // 18+ Cocktail attire

Tickets are $15 PreSale and can only be purchased here:

Tickets will be $20 at the door (presale ends 1 week before event). Come enjoy live fashion show, live music, live performance art and so much more. Plus, you get to support local artists, like myself. 

Here is a picture of the venue we will be using, such a great place!

Following Your Muse


The term muse comes from Greek mythology and is a name used for the daughters of Zeus. These ladies, nine in total, each reside over different artistic areas, including dance, poetry, etc. Think of them as the delivery of inspiration. 

Some people claim to not a have a muse but most artists and creatives are very in touch with theirs... mine comes and goes but when she comes, she doesn't mess around! 

"When your muse shows up, you better be ready to work", I tell myself. When you have an idea, grab a pencil, grab a pen, grab whatever you need and get to work because soon enough the idea will pass, the inspiration will be gone and the time will have passed. 

Well, she came again and she came with many opportunities! In the past two weeks, I've started a plethora of new projects: 1 video series, 1 new poster series, 1 animation, 1 branding project, a new motion graphic project. 

Being a creative individual comes with a lot of responsibility. To be a successful creative, you must also produce. You must put the idea to action and create. The muse comes and you as a responsible artists, you must listen. My challenge is to not only follow up with ideas and get the project in motion.... but to complete the projects, to FINISH.

I don't want to disappoint my muse.
I won't let you down.

Needless to say, new projects coming soon. 

Modern Love: Modern Furniture and Art Show

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to share my work at Mod Livin' for a fundraising event. I had a wonderful time mingling with other artists and meeting new friends. My family was nice to drive in from out-of-town to celebrate with me. Special shout-out to Amanda at Mod Livin' for the support and inviting me to the event. Check them out if you like Modern Furniture! Best spot in town of vintage and comtemporary pieces. 

40West Installation

With Bob Murphy, Lakewood Mayor.

This weekend, my installation of One Positive Thing was revealed at the 40West Art Festival. The 8 Panel display can be found at the corner of Lamar St and 13th Ave. in Lakewood, at the Lamar Light Rail Station. I had a great time meeting artists, community members and mingled with family and friends. I was honored to meet Lakewood Mayor, Bob Murphy and even more honored to receive the Mayor's Choice for my poster series! Such a great honor!

Thank you to everyone who came out to visit, see the other artists, and enjoy the great weather. If you have not gone out yet, go check out the new W-Line and while your there, snap a photo of yourself with the Station Wraps! 

With Bob Murphy, the Mayor of Lakewood and Cindy Baroway of Lakewood City Council

Awarded with the Mayor's Choice Award!

I have included the images of the installation here for you. Special shout out to Denver Banners, Signs and Decals for a great job printing and installing the work. 

Dazzle Showing, 'Jazz Ladies'

Dazzle Jazz Restaurant

Dazzle Jazz Restaurant

This weekend, I was able to share my artwork with the guests of Dazzle Jazz Restaurant. It just so happens, on this night, one of my favorite Jazz Vocalists was performing. In a way, I was able to share the stage with Rene Marie, at least that's how I'm going to tell the story from now on.

Thank you to my family and friends who came out to celebrate at the opening reception with me. Special shout out to Dazzle and the art curator, Eric, for organizing the event. 

Rene Marie
The wonderful Rene Marie, singing her soul to us.
Buddy Bravo and Rene Marie

RedLine Gallery Showing

Last night, I had the honor of joining other Denver artists for a showing at the beautiful RedLine Denver. I was lucky enough to be given a spot for two pieces. Special shout out to my lovely friend, Cori, for the invitation to participate. The two pieces are featured in my Handmade Gallery. 

Hollywood Poster Art: Black Swan

Anticipating the release of BLACK SWAN starring Natalie Portman, I did a little research tonight. I came across these promotional posters. I was very surprised to see a series of posters done a semi Russian Constructivism meets Dark Art Deco (yes, I made up that term). The artist is credited to London Based independent studio, La Boca.

With minimal detail and simplistic elements, the artist expertly captures the emotion of the film and the heart-breaking emotional toil of the story. This style, when originally popular around the years 1910 - 1940, was used heavily as propaganda. Establishing a unified style, consistent elements, and in many cases even the same color palette (often Red, Black and White) helped represent Russia with power and domination. 

While photo-montage was often used, many times illustration was relied on instead. Figures because geometric representations, shadows became shapes, and as a result, bold poster

Georgy and Vladimir Augustovich Stenberg, Film Poster

Gustav Klutsis, “Everyone must vote in the election of Soviets” Poster , 1913